Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak – Single Malt Whisky

Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak – Single Malt Whisky
NAS (No Age Statement)
Bottled at 108 Proof by Kavalan Distillery in Taiwan
I received this one as a gift, but I have seen it pop up in a few stores in MA for around $99 a bottle.
Nose: Vanilla, Bananas and Floral
Taste:  Vanilla, Caramel, Tropical Fruit, Light Banana and some Oak come through really well balanced
Finish: Creamy, Sweet Tropical Fruit and Oak
Value:  My first time trying a Taiwanese Whisky and this is really tasty!

Old Grand-Dad 114 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Old Grand-Dad Old Grand-Dad
NAS (No Age Statement)
Bottled at 114 Proof by Jim Beam in KY
I paid $26.99 in MA.  Uncommon to find on the shelf mainly because last year this was rumored to be going away, but in Feb. (2017) Beam announced more shipments would be available in Q2 of 2017.  Keep a look out!
Nose: Cinnamon and Lots of Rye
Taste: The Spice from the high rye mash bill is up front which really impact the taste at times, but once you get past the spice, it becomes sweet/fruity and lots of caramel with some burnt  sugar
Finish: Full, Long, Big Red Cinnamon with a little Oak
Value:  This was my first time having this one and I was really blown away by it.  Full of flavor, high proof and a great price!  If you see it on the shelf give it a try if you like high proof whiskey!

Barrell Bourbon Batch #5

Barrell Bourbon Batch #5
Aged 8 Years and 3 Months in Tennessee
Bottled at 124.7 Proof by Barrell Craft Spirits in KY
Paid $70 for this bottle batch last year.  They are limited releases (currently at Batch #11) so it will be hard to find if at all.
Nose: A blast of alcohol hits you at first, then some vanilla and caramel
Taste:  Cinnamon and spice, followed by a strong Corn with a bit of oak.
Finish: Full, Long, Creamy, Sweet Cinnamon and more Oak
Value:  Really good and solid for the value!  I do recommend adding some drops of water really enjoyable.  I do like how all their releases are cask strength!

Orphan Barrel – Barterhouse Kentucky Bourbon

Orphan Barrel – Barterhouse Kentucky Bourbon
Aged 20 Years in KY
Bottled at 90.2 Proof at Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co (Berheim Distillery)., Tullahoma, TN.
Paid $64, but I’ve seen as high as $99 they call it a limited release so it can be hard to find MA.
Nose: Sweet, Fruity, Vanilla and Oak
Taste:  Some Corn comes through, Cherry, Brown Sugar, and Spices
Finish: Thin and Short, a bit of Spice and Oak stays with you
Value:  If you ignore the story Diageo put out about this “limited” release over 45k bottles and focus on the really cool design on the bottle and the juice that’s 20 years old I think it really comes pulls together if you can find it for under $99.

Glenmorangie – Lasanta 12 Year- Highland Single Malt Scotch

Glenmorangie -Lasanta 12 Year – Highland Single Malt Scotch
Bottled at 86 Proof and Distilled at The Glenmorangie Distillery in Coy Tain, Ross-Shire
This one is matured in ex-bourbon casks  and then finished in Oloroso & PX Sherry Casks for 2 years.
Pretty common in MA have it seen range from $45 – $55.
Nose – Sweet Honey, Fruit and Caramel
Taste – Smooth, Orange, Caramel, Sherry and Spices
Finish – Medium to Long with Sherry and Oak
Value – If you enjoy Sherry finishes then this definitely one to try!

Smooth Ambler – Contradiction- Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Smooth Ambler – Contradiction– Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bottled at 100  Proof by Smooth Ambler Spirits, WV
This one is a blend of 2 bourbons.  First one is a 2 year wheat bourbon and the second one is a 9 year rye bourbon.
I haven’t seen this bottle in MA, but in my travels to San Fran was able to pick it up for $48.
Nose – Alcohol burn hits you right away, some dill spices
Taste – Refreshing, Good amount of oak, sweetness from the wheat comes through,a bit of spice from the rye and vanilla.
Finish – Long and a bit harsh, strong burn hits and stays with you, a bit of oak.
Value – This one’s a bit a rough to drink neat, but adding an ice cube really gets rid of the burn on the finish and makes this actually really tasty.

Flag Hill – Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Flag Hill – Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bottled and Distilled at 90 Proof by Flag Hill Distillery, NH
Aged for 2 Years
This mash bill used for this one is 71% Corn, 15% Malted Barley and 14% Rye.  They procure all their ingredients locally and ferment, distill and bottle at their Distillery.  They also don’t use artificial coloring or flavoring.
Received this one as a gift.  I have not seen it on the shelves in MA, but  it can be found in NH.
Nose – Sweet, Tons of Caramel, Hints of Oak
Taste – Light and Fresh, Sweet,but not as much as the nose would suggest, Caramel and Corn comes through.
Finish – Pretty Smooth a bit of Oak and a slight kick at the end that tells you it’s young age.
Value – For it’s young age I was hesitant to try this one neat, but this actually holds up really well.  Would never guess it was only aged for 2 years.  Tastes like it’s been 6-8 years.  This would make a great nightly sipper!

Suntory Whisky – Toki

Suntory Whisky – Toki
Bottled at 86 Proof by Beam Suntory
This bottle is a blend from 3 different Suntory Distilleries.  Chita (produces grain whiskies,) Hakushu (produces malt whiskies,) and Yamazaki (produces malt whiskies.)
Just started seeing in locally the last 6 months pretty common now in MA for $38-$45
Nose – Fruity and Sweet, Green Apples and Honey
Taste – Sweet up front, Green Apples, Vanilla, Mint, Oak and Earthy Tones
Finish – Gentle, Smooth with a bite of Ginger at the end
Value – Went in with mixed feelings on what I heard about this one.  Mainly because they said they use it as a mixer for drinks, but I actually really enjoy this one neat.  Great Nightly Sipper!

W. L. Weller Special Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

W. L. Weller Special Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bottled at 90 Proof Distilled by Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY
Hard to find, but I have had a lot success lately with my local shops in MA for $18.99
Nose – Sweet Caramel, Vanilla, with a touch a Oak
Taste – Very Smooth, Honey, Vanilla, Little Oak comes through,
Finish – Warm, Sweet and then a quick Burn appears
Value – Can’t beat it for the price! One of the better values bourbons out there.  Great to sip neat or on ice. If you can find it on the shelf well worth to give it a try.

The Pogues – Irish Whiskey

The Pogues – Irish Whiskey
A blend of 50% 10-year single malt Irish whiskey aged in sherry oak casks and seven year old single malt Irish whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks and 50% four year Irish grain whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks.
Bottled at 80 Proof Distilled by West Cork Distillers in Ireland
Pretty easy to find goes around $30-$40 in MA
Nose – Honey with a hint of Barley
Taste – Smooth, Thin and Sweet up Front, with some vanilla, malt and roasted nuts
Finish – Long, Malt and Dried Fruit
Value – Very solid pour.  Wasn’t expecting to really like this one, but it surprised me.  Worth money and could very well be a nightly sipper!