Wild Turkey Rare Breed – Barrel Proof – Kentucky Straight Bourbon

wild-turkey-rare-breedWild Turkey Rare Breed – Barrel Proof – Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Bottled at 112.8 Proof by Austin, Nicholas Distilling Company in Lawrenceburg, KY
Not common, but can be found with a little effort in MA for $35
Nose – Spicy, Little bit of Oak and Vanilla
Taste – Definitely some burn as expected it to be from the high 112.8 proof, but it’s from the Rye, once you get past that you pick up Citrus, Vanilla and Toffee
Finish – Long, Dry, Oak and Caramel that slowly fades away
Value –  Quality smooth barrel proof bourbon at an inexpensive cost!

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1792 – Port Finish – Kentucky Straight Bourbon

1792 - Port Finish

1792 – Port Finish – Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Bottled at 88.9 Proof, Distilled at Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, KY.
Aged 6 years in New Oak Barrels and then another 2 years in old Port Barrels for a total of 8 years.
I have not seen this locally near me in MA, but found a bottle on a trip to NH for $45
Nose – Let it open up a bit and it reminds me of Fall Spices, Cinnamon, Sweet Apple and Oak.
Taste – Sweet fruit upfront, Vanilla, Dried Cherries, and Cinnamon.
Finish – Warm Oak, Cinnamon and Caramel
Value – If you want a really different bourbon this one will surprise you. A bit sweet, but refreshing. It’s worth it!

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Michter’s US *1- Original Sour Mash Whiskey

michterssourmashMichter’s US*1- Original Sour Mash Whiskey
NAS (No Age Statement)
NDP (Non-Distiller Producer) Obtains mostly through contracts
Bottled at 86.6 Proof  Michter’s Distillery Shively (Louisville), KY
I paid $39.99, but have seen it as high as $48
Have not seen it in many stores in MA, but ones that carry the Michter’s label you will find it in.
Nose: Fruit and spice notes along with a bit of oak
Taste:  Fruit, corn with some caramel and then the spice kicks in a bit.
Finish:  Smooth and Full with some fruity sweetness, some vanilla and spice from the rye.
Value:  One that can be easily sipped and enjoyed.  Wish it was priced closer to the $30 range.

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High West – Campfire Whiskey

20160720_200605High West – Campfire Whiskey
A blend of 3 whiskies –  a Bourbon aged 6 years with a mash of 75% corn, 20% rye and 5% barley (by MGP formerly LDI) a Rye aged 5 1/2 years with a mash 95% rye and 5% barley (aged at Stitzel Weller Warehouse) and a blended  malt Scotch aged 8 years.
Bottled at 92 Proof by High West Distillery in Park City, Utah
I received this bottle as a gift, but I have seen the price range from $50-$65
Pretty common to find on the shelves in MA if the store carries High West products

Nose: Spice, Smokey and Sweet Corn

Taste:  Spice and Vanilla bit Sweet like Brown Sugar (Can really taste the Rye and Bourbon) also can taste Malt/Earthy (from the Scotch)

Finish: Very Smooth, Rich and Creamy and a bit Peaty! Makes you think your next to a campfire inhaling/exhaling

Value:  Something really unique! Worth the price tag.  A great gift for a scotch lover to introduce them to American Whiskey.

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Angel’s Envy – Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels

20160628_191008Angel’s Envy – Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels
Bottled at 86.6 Proof by Angel’s Envy Distillery in Louisville, KY
NAS (No Age Statement on Bottle, but they say it’s aged between 4-7 years and then aged an additional 3-6 months in port barrels )
Paid $44, but Average around MA is about $50
Easy to find almost all stores will carry it.

Nose: Light, but Fruity

Taste: Sweet fruit, apple, maybe some cherry with good spice

Finish: Leathery finish with a hint of pepper

Value: Easy to drink, good for beginners, could drink many glasses all night.

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