Elmer T. Lee – Single Barrel Bourbon

ElmerTLee.jpgElmer T. Lee Single Barrel – Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Bottled at 90 Proof, Distilled at Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, KY
No Age Statement on the bottle, but it’s said to be aged for 12 years
I seem to find this one locally pretty often every few weeks.  Paid $30 have seen it as low as $28 and as high as $50 in MA.
Nose – Honey, Vanilla and Clove
Taste – Honey, Raisins, Pepper and Cherries
Finish – Long and Warm, Burnt Sugar, some Oak,
Value – There is a lot of hype about this bottle!  If you can find for $30-$35 I’d say give it a shot if you’ve never tried it.  It’s a single barrel bourbon that is supposedly aged 12 years so that’s a great price.  Personally I still can’t seem to like this one.  A lot of people I know love it, but to me it’s just not there, it’s missing something.

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