Flag Hill – Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Flag Hill – Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bottled and Distilled at 90 Proof by Flag Hill Distillery, NH
Aged for 2 Years
This mash bill used for this one is 71% Corn, 15% Malted Barley and 14% Rye.  They procure all their ingredients locally and ferment, distill and bottle at their Distillery.  They also don’t use artificial coloring or flavoring.
Received this one as a gift.  I have not seen it on the shelves in MA, but  it can be found in NH.
Nose – Sweet, Tons of Caramel, Hints of Oak
Taste – Light and Fresh, Sweet,but not as much as the nose would suggest, Caramel and Corn comes through.
Finish – Pretty Smooth a bit of Oak and a slight kick at the end that tells you it’s young age.
Value – For it’s young age I was hesitant to try this one neat, but this actually holds up really well.  Would never guess it was only aged for 2 years.  Tastes like it’s been 6-8 years.  This would make a great nightly sipper!

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