Orphan Barrel – Barterhouse Kentucky Bourbon

Orphan Barrel – Barterhouse Kentucky Bourbon
Aged 20 Years in KY
Bottled at 90.2 Proof at Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Co (Berheim Distillery)., Tullahoma, TN.
Paid $64, but I’ve seen as high as $99 they call it a limited release so it can be hard to find MA.
Nose: Sweet, Fruity, Vanilla and Oak
Taste:  Some Corn comes through, Cherry, Brown Sugar, and Spices
Finish: Thin and Short, a bit of Spice and Oak stays with you
Value:  If you ignore the story Diageo put out about this “limited” release over 45k bottles and focus on the really cool design on the bottle and the juice that’s 20 years old I think it really comes pulls together if you can find it for under $99.

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