Stagg, Jr. Batch #5 – Kentucky Straight Bourbon

20160802_193724_wmStagg, Jr. Batch #5 – Kentucky Straight Bourbon
No Age Statement on bottle believed to be 9 years
Barrel Proof, Bottled at 129.7 Proof by Buffalo Trace
Distillery in Frankfort, KY
$49.99 for it at my local store, but have seen it as high as $99 around MA. I’ve only seen it at four stores over the last 2 years.  It can be difficult to find as it’s only released 2 times a year.

Nose:  Fairly light nose, hint of chocolate,clove and vanilla

Taste:  Smooth for 129.7 proof!  sweet, brown sugar with some bitter chocolate, hint of smoke, some spice from the rye

Finish:  Full and Rich, just the right amount of oak, binge cherries, doesn’t last as long as I would like!

Value: A must buy at $49.99 for a cask strength bourbon!

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