Suntory Whisky – Toki

Suntory Whisky – Toki
Bottled at 86 Proof by Beam Suntory
This bottle is a blend from 3 different Suntory Distilleries.  Chita (produces grain whiskies,) Hakushu (produces malt whiskies,) and Yamazaki (produces malt whiskies.)
Just started seeing in locally the last 6 months pretty common now in MA for $38-$45
Nose – Fruity and Sweet, Green Apples and Honey
Taste – Sweet up front, Green Apples, Vanilla, Mint, Oak and Earthy Tones
Finish – Gentle, Smooth with a bite of Ginger at the end
Value – Went in with mixed feelings on what I heard about this one.  Mainly because they said they use it as a mixer for drinks, but I actually really enjoy this one neat.  Great Nightly Sipper!

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