Henry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bottled in Bond

20160817_213520_wmHenry McKenna 10 Year Single Barrel Bottled in Bond
Aged for 10 Years and is sourced from a Single Barrel (just what the name says!)
Bottled at 100 Proof by Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, KY
Not easily found in MA, but the few times I’ve spotted it ranges $32-$35.
Nose:   If you let it open up a bit sweet cornbread, fresh new leather and some rye.
Taste:  Smooth, little bit of pepper and oak up front, then a splash of citrus and vanilla
Finish:   Great long finish, cherries, brown sugar, toffee and rye.

Value:  At sub $35 for a 10 year single barrel bottled in bond this stuff is amazing!  If you see it on a shelf buy a bottle for yourself and one for you best friend.  They will thank you!

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