Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2016

old-forester-birthday-bourbon-2016Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2016
Bottled at 97 Proof at the Brown-Forman Distillery, in Louisville, KY
Each year they release this 12 year old Bourbon on September 2nd in honor of the founder George Gavin Brown.  Thought tonight was appropriate to crack it open and review it on Nov. 2nd to honor a great friend of mine’s Birthday Sully! Orange was it favorite color and this year’s Old Forester Birthday Bourbon ribbon just so happened to be orange, quite fitting for the occasion!
Pretty rare in MA was told only 42 bottles made it this year and nearly half of those bottles were allocated to restaurants.  If you see it on a shelf pick it up!
Nose – Strong oak, Citrus and Cinnamon (once you let it breathe a bit)
Taste – Spice from Rye, Sweet, Citrus, Cloves and Oak
Finish – Long and Lingering Fruit and Peppery
Value –  Pick this one up for a special occasion or someone who really appreciates bourbon!  Cheers Big Guy!

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